About Skerries

A little bit of information and history about Skerries

Enjoy your stay with us in skerries

Skerries has five islands off its coast called Shenick Island, St Patrick's, Colt and Rockabill. Rockabill is in fact two islands, "The Cow" and "The Calf", separated by a narrow channel. There is also Red Island, which is a tied island. The town itself is built around two long streets - Strand Street and Church Street and between the surrounding hills of North Fingal and low-lying beaches. Skerries South Strand is a long sandy beach 2.5 km long.Red Island, Mill Hill, Hillside, The public Ardgillan Park and Demesne, Barnageera and to a lesser extent Baldungan Castle are high points on which you can look over the town.

Rockabill has the largest numbers of breeding roseate terns in Europe. It is also the farthest away from the town and has a lighthouse. On Shenick Island can be found a Martello tower, one of a number of defensive towers erected during the Napoleonic era along the Irish coast by the British. Shenick is accessible on foot at the lowest tides, but this is inadvisable, due to the relatively rapid fill caused by the turning tide. The other islands are harder to reach, but it is possible by boat. Red Island also has a Martello Tower. St Patrick's Island is so called because this is where the Irish patron saint is reputed to have landed and begun his mission to convert the country to Christianity.

Beautiful Beaches

With Skerries being a peninsula, we have wonderful beaches on all sides, enjoy a paddle while enjoying the island viees.

Skerries Mills

Since the 12th century flour has been milled at this unique location. The fully restored complex, with gift shop and restaurant, brings to life the authentic workings of a five sail windmill, four sail windmill, water mill and bakery of the 1800’s. This provides the visitor with examples of how wind and water energies were harnessed by our ancestors.

Ardgillan Park

Ardgillan Castle and Demesne is Ireland’s hidden gem. Set in spectacular parklands overlooking the Irish Sea with a magnificent view of the Mourne Mountains. As well as the castle, the demesne features a walled and rose garden both of which present an orderly profusion of colour. Enjoy afternoon tea in the tea rooms and the children can have fun in the playground.

Red Island

A former location to the Red Island holiday camp, now a open parkland with childrens playground and spectacular walkway views of the Rockabill lighthouse, Colt, Shenick and Saint Patricks island. Why not enjoy a dip at the Captains or Springers swimming areas.

  • Restaurants and Pubs

    Skerries is full of cosy pubs and award winning restaurants, we can list but a few here.

  • Blu Bar Harbour Road
  • Joe Mays Harbour Road
  • DiVino Church Street
  • Ollies Church Street

A few suggestions of what you can do while in Skerries

  • Ice-cream at Storm in a Teacup at the end of the harbour
  • Picnic on the south strand
  • Take a walk along the coast to Ardgillan Castle
  • Eat freshly caught fish at Stoop your head on the harbour road
  • Take a tour of Skerries mills and mill your own flour
  • Have a pint of Guinness in one of the many cosy traditional pubs
  • Go seal spotting at red island
  • Take in a traditional music session at one of the local pubs
  • Go for a sea swim at the captains or springers
  • Go shopping in one of the many arts and crafts galleries and clothes boutiques
  • Coffee and cake at one of the chic cafes and delis
  • Taste the samples available at the farmers market at Skerries mills